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Tips to serve the wine
According to historical reports, the Corfu from antiquity was mainly rural farming the vineyard and the production of quality wine. References to Homer's Odyssey and Xenophon as to the suitability of soil for growing grapes, make Corfu as the most famous wine area in antiquity. Thereafter, the delivery condition of Corfu to the Venetians typically refers that "wine is the most valuable product." In the early 15th to the 17th century, the Corfiot vineyard expanded to cover the demand throughout Western Europe. Nowadays only a few small vineyards survived and all these Primitive varieties vinified for private use. According to testimonies of small growers some of the Primitive main grape varieties grown in Corfu that are suitable for winemaking are:
White wine: Kakotrygis, Xeropodia, Robola, Muscat or Moschatelo, Petrokoritho White, Tsoupas white or White Korakianiti, Gkouzianiti.
Red wine: Petrokoritho Black, Skopelos, Tsoupas Black or Black Korakianiti, Afionas, snakes, Mantzavi, Qom, Katsakoulias.

How to combine the wines with your Meals
The harmony between a meal and wines is based on “Bien Faire”(Do Well) and “Bien Vivre”(Good Living).

Meals and wines should never be tasteful mismatch.So , a meal full of flavors and aromas looks for a wine with “attitude”.

On the other hand, light “cuisine” is the best for fine wines.
Some foods match so pleasant with specific wines that automatically comes to mind.
Those are:
  • White Dry Wines, Fresh and tasteful lively Wines with shellfish and grilled fish.
  • White “fatty” Wines , with fish cooked with white sauces.
  • Dry Rose Wines, with cold cuts and fruits 
  • “Light” Red Wines with boiled meats and poultry.
  • “Soft” Red Wines with Roasted Pork meat.
  • Red “aged” wines with hunting and spicy cheese.
  • Sweet wines can be an excellent aperitif and they can accompany cheese,fruits And deserts.
How to serve the wine
Choosing the right wine and the careful maintenance of it, is not enough. There are some rules and traditions we should know and follow.
First of all, the right glass. should be clear and easy to hold. We fill the glass only by 2/3 with wine ,because the rest of 1/3 will be the aromas of the wine.
Temperature of the wines:
  • Dry white and Rose wine 8-12C(never cold)
  • Sweet White and Sparkling Wines 6-9C
  • “Light” Fruity Red Wines 12-16C
  • Red wines 16-18C
In case, in a meal you want to serve more than 1 wine:
  • White wines before the Red ones
  • Young in age –fresh ones- light ones before the aged ones
  • Dry wines before sweet ones.
It is well known that we DON’T add ice in the wines, but sometimes we want to cool down 
The wine we already drink or it is not cold enough .here is a smart tip: keep some crapes (white and red) in the freezer, they will become like ice .so, anytime you want add some of 

The grapes in the glass of wine you are drinking…..The wine will cool down ,you will not lose anything from the wine’s taste and you will surprise your friends and quests!!!!!
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