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Returns / Cancellations / Withdrawal
Return procedure 
In case the user / consumer wants for any reason to return the product received, is able to do by sending an email to sales@e-corfu.gr. 
The user / consumer must specify the reason to return the product. After receiving the request, the company will communicate with the user / consumer of the details of returning the product. 
In each case the applicable product return policy as detailed below. 
Any cancellation of the order is carried out without restrictions if the product has not been sent by our Company. Otherwise, the user / consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal in accordance with the following.
Product return policy 
Right of Withdrawal: 
The user / consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of our products, in accordance with the receipt of the courier company. For the refund procedure applies hereinabove. 
In case of withdrawal, the product should not be used, any signs that accompany it should not have been removed, the package should not have been opened, the product should not have been damaged. In this case the return costs and transport are applicable to the user / consumer. For defective products the following are in order. 

Defective products: 
All the products that our company promotes and sells through its website are of excellent quality and proper care is taken during packaging and transportation to make sure that they reach the user / consumer without any damage or defects. 
But in the rare case that the user / consumer finds  upon receipt of our products that they have undergone some wear or are damaged then the user / consumer has the right to request the replacement of the product and maintains the right of withdrawal. 
If the product is damaged or defective and the user / consumer wants to replace it, he may inform our Company in order to proceed with the replacement procedure within 14 days of receipt. In this case, the product is shipped to our Company at our expense and we replace it with another product, subject to availability, for which the user / consumer should be informed immediately. alternatively, the user / consumer may exercise the right of withdrawal as above. For the return process the above apply. 
In case the user / consumer receives the product and does not raise further doubts, then it is considered that they have received the product wholeheartedly.
In case of withdrawal or non-stock replacement request, and if the price has been paid, the user / consumer can request either a refund of the purchase price or credit in concert with us by sending us e-mail. Any refund in any case will be interest free and will relate to the amount of the product price (including VAT).
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