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Our Vision
e-corfu.gr is the result of the effort of a group of people, who have a vision of delivering local products of Corfu in Greece and the rest of the world.
 Our vision is summarized in our motto and logo: 
the Mediterranean quality at your doorstep

Quality Mediterranean products from Corfu straight to your doorstep! 
Our objectives are: · 
  • Be an internet spot through which every visitor of Corfu island may obtain products that had already enjoyed during their stay in Corfu.
  • Familiarize Greeks with Corfu island and its local products. Introduce them to its gastronomic culture and the variety of aromas, flavors and folk art. We consider this as very important as they will be able to get to know the natural beauty of the island of Corfu.
  • Give a chance to Corfu people located in other cities of Greece, as well as, the Greeks and Corfu people abroad to reach easily the products of Corfu in Greece. 
  • Give to the residents of foreign countries the opportunity to taste quality Greek products from Corfu, which are special and different, but both can be a part of their everyday table
  • Be able to supply shops and restaurants within Greece, but also in foreign countries with flavors and aromas of Corfu Island.
  • Strengthen the tourism product of Corfu and Greece by promoting its local gastronomical tradition.
  • Highlight the identity of Corfu Island, focusing on the richness and specificity of our products.
  • Contribute to the local economy, by running a new e-shop with the Greek products of Corfu Island.
Our main principles are:
  • To keep intact the quality of the products.
  • To guarantee the excellent shipment and delivery of the products to our customers throughout the world.
  • To provide continuous service and support to any demands of our clients.
  • To offer products of Corfu at reasonable prices and excellent quality.
  • We have organized appropriate methods in order to minimize any mistakes that may occur.
  • To constantly strengthen our presence in media so as to continuously extend the distribution range of Greek products of Corfu worldwide.
  • Our efforts are continuing:
  • We continue to track down products and add them in our new range of quality Greek products of Corfu.
  • We continue to add content in appropriate sections such as recipes and tips so as to constantly find new ways of taking advandage of and discovering the Greek products of Corfu.
  • We continue to inform the public about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and the ever-increasing need for quality and beneficial sustenance.
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