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Greek Pate - Sauces - Chutney - Cheese from Corfu

Rich flavors, special combinations, pure igredients and 'secret' recipes of Corfu. Are they considered Gourmet or Rustic?  It's up to you to decide. The truth is that we refer to handmade products from Corfu, prepared from raw ingredients, from small producers of Corfu, using natural or biological farming procedures.
Sundried tomatoes, pate from Corfu, onions and peppers combined with ladotyri (goat oil cheese), herbs from Corfu or kumquats. Chatneys figs, apples, kiwi, pears and kumquat. Goat Ladotyri (goat oil cheese) and  Mustard from Corfu.
A small amount of them boosts sauces, meals or desserts.
You really have to try them out!


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