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Greek Herbs - Spices from Corfu

Herbs and Spices from Corfu provide flavor and fragrance to your dishes while you enjoy their benefits at your immune system. In Corfu, the recipes are characterized by their multicultural origins. The herbs, as a component of the Mediterranean diet, and the oriental influences through spices are being up until today the "extra touch" in meals. A typical phrase of old Corfu is: "The herbs make the meal", and you can hear it often in Corfu.
Ready-mix of spices from Corfu, are ideal for different traditional Greek dishes such as tzatziki, souvlaki, Greek salad, gyros, stew / stifado. Mixtures of spices used in recipes from Corfu, like Sofrito, Bourdeto and Pastitsada. Oregano from Corfu and sea salt. Boost healthily the smell and the taste of your food!


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