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How to use honey in daily dase
Honey is a delicious and healthy dessert, but the potential uses are not limited to the kitchen. 
In the field of food, honey is an ideal ingredient for a strong organization. Replace your morning coffee with a cup of green tea with honey  for energy also you can completely replace the sugar in your diet with honey. Simply, for every cup of sugar, put ¾ cup of honey.
The antibacterial action makes it ideal for the treatment of wounds, and can be used as a beauty product. 
See how you can use honey on a daily basis .. 
For better sleep 
Honey helps to reduce levels of stress hormones in the body. A spoonful of honey is ideal if you have sleeping problems, as it  relaxes us.
For headache due to drunkenness
The high content of fructose in honey helps in faster metabolism of alcohol. So you can eat a spoonful of honey to “fight” annoying hangover.
For wounds
The antibacterial properties of honey help to sterilize a wound or  scrapes. All you need is to clean the injury with cool water and soap to dry thoroughly and apply a little honey on the skin surface
Soothe a sore throat and cough: 
honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice relieves cough. 
Remove Acne:
The persistent and unsightly acne can torment, not only teenagers but also older people. Apply some honey on the pimple and let it act
Honey has bleaching properties therefore, regular use can weaken old or new scars.

Refine your blonde hair 
Mix 1 tablespoon honey and 6 tablespoons water . apply to the hair. Rinse after one hour. Repeated once a week for best results. You can add 1 tsp cinnamon powder for more immediate results.
Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe eczema and psoriasis. Apply some honey on the infected area and wash after 20 minutes.
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