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Healing properties of ginger
Ginger has been thoroughly researched. The treatment of assets are largely due to volatile oil and oleoresins contains. 
Ginger is very effective for travel sickness. Clinical trials conducted in 1990, in hospital in London, revealed that the herb is more effective than conventional drugs in relieving the nausea.
Ginger stimulates circulation and helps the blood flow to the skin. This fact makes it important interchange for chilblains and poor circulation in the hands and feet. Ginger helps in the case of high pressure, to improve circulation. Sweating increases and decreases in body temperature, fever.
Ginger is warming and soothing for coughs, colds, flu and other respiratory problems.
China fresh and dried ginger are different remedies. Fresh ginger helps colds, headaches and aching muscles. Dried ginger is used for internal colds with symptoms such as cold hands, weak pulse and pallor of the skin. Thus, in addition to a delicious, delightful and traditional Corfiot refreshment, the ginger has beneficial effects in our bodies. So do not miss a chance to enjoy it cold in the summer and cool in winter.

Did you know.... that ginger-beer is an invigorating drink containing only water, sugar, lemon, fresh ginger.

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