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Natural Green Olive Oil Soap
It is a soap made ONLY by pure natural oils, usually olive oil .You can find it in a square shape soap or flaked. It’s been used by the Greek housewives since always.
Here are some uses:
Dilute it in water and with a sponge clean the bathroom fixtures .when done wash it off.
Clean the plastic shower curtain by adding a handful of green olive oil soap and  a spoon of baking soda in 600ml water.

Use the Green Olive Oil Soap to do your dishes or to clean the kitchen desks.when done, wash it off
Personal hygiene:
Wash your hands with olive oil soap , kills everything and moisturized the skin. Some Old ladies are using it as a shampoo too. 
clean your crystals by using some olive oil soap  in cold water with a soft sponge.

Garden Furnitures:
Clean your Rattan or Bamboo furnitures by using a sponge ,water and some olive oil soap  
Get rid off of bugs and plant diseases by using Green olive oil soap.
Mix 50gr of green olive oil soap in 1 lt of (not very)warm water and spray the plants with it.
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