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Greek Traditional Smoked Salami from Corfu (coarsely chopped) 900gr from Corfu

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Greek Traditional Smoked Salami from Corfu (coarsely chopped) 900gr from Corfu
Traditional Smoked Salami from Corfu*

Traditional Smoked Salami from Corfu with large diameter and coarsely chopped.


Pork 80%, pork fat, salt, sugar, spices
Stabilizer: sodium phosphate
Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate
Preservatives: sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite


Remove all paper wrapping (not the label casing).  Soft salamis can be aged if so desired by hanging away from direct sunlight.  Wipe off film and moisture from casing at least once a week.  Refrigeration slows the aging of the salami, but remember to periodically wipe the casing.

Salami can be stored (unwrapped) in your refrigerator until eaten. That is if you don't eat them right away.

Packing : 900 gr

Keep refrigerated 0 - 5 °C

* All items may decline 30 gr in terms of weight due to specificities during cutting process.

Items are shipped in appropriate packaging unit.
Price: 17.00€
Kerkiraiki Allantopiia
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