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Greek Traditional Sausages of Corfu (5 pcs) 500gr from Corfu

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Greek Traditional Sausages of Corfu (5 pcs) 500gr from Corfu
Traditional Sausages of Corfu

Smoked Product of natural maturation with spicy flavour.

The Traditional Sausages of Corfu are smoked products of natural maturation with spicy flavor.
They consist of pork meat, salt, seasonings & natural herbs which are filled in a natural intestine that has been flavored by local wine, then smoked slightly and naturally matured.
With their delicious taste they stand perfectly on their own but they also match with a great number of other flavors. To name some of the ways they can been tasted.
  • Barbecued or grilled them slightly so that to retain their juices.
  • Inside a great variety of sandwiches, omelets, pizzas, pies…
  • Roasted slowly with beans “giants” in the oven with carrots and celeries.
  • Ιn the pot with red, green and yellow peppers, tomato, onion, salt, pepper & any cheese you like.
  • They are suitable with every kind alcohol extracts, beers & wines.
  • A yummy choice for a buffet or a first course & a first quality ingredient inside a main course.

Pork meat 70%, salt, seasonings & natural herbs.
Stabilizer: sodium phosphate
Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate
Preservatives: sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite

 Packing : 500 gr

Keep refrigerated 0 - 5 °C

* All items may decline 30 gr in terms of weight due to specificities during cutting process.

Items are shipped in appropriate packaging unit.
Price: 4.40€
Kerkiraiki Allantopiia
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