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Our olive growers share our interest in achieving and maintaining the very best quality.
Our common commitment to producing the finest olive oil is more of a passion than a process. Carrying on the age-old traditions of Corfiot farmers, the modern olive growers know the elements essential to true extra virgin olive oil. Personal care of the olive trees is the key to extracting the very best from Corfu’s superb climate and luxuriant soil. The olive growers and the olive mills join us in an inextricable circle in which each has a vital part to play. We encourage all farmers and millers to constantly improve their knowledge and practices on the production of olive oil The same goes for us working at our office and our colleagues that are out on sales or promoting Neolea.
Pressing the olive fruit takes place as fast as possible after the olives are picked. Our olive mill uses exclusively modern equipment, using low pressure and protecting the fruit from high temperatures. For that reason we use a process known as First Cold Extraction. This method of extraction takes place in low temperatures of below 27 degrees and without any chemical additives to extend or alter the oil – thus preserving the fruit’s rich natural endowment of nutrients and natural antioxidants. At the moment of the first press, the oil’s acidity is low and its aromatic qualities are at their finest. The extra fine taste of our olive oil is transferred directly into every bottle of Neolea and further preserved by avoiding exposure to light. We suggest you taste it as soon as possible to enjoy its flavor to the fullest.

Expert cultivation plays a key role in Neolea’s superior quality olive oil.
Climate, soil quality and the right care for the trees are the secret ingredients to Neolea’s flavour. Neolea’s olive oil originates from the Koroneiki and Lianolia varieties. Following the age-old traditions of Corfiot producers, we reject all use of sprays and our farmers protect their olive trees solely by using natural methods. By accepting only handpicked fruit, we ensure that only the healthiest olives are selected. Once picked, the olives are immediately transferred to the olive mil ensuring that there is no loss of quality during transport.
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Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
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