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Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Products code: CFU0537
Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a new Corfu Product that has been created in order to represent top olive oil quality, as well as the culture and history behind it.

There are specific steps that needs to be taken so that the particular olive oil can be characterized as extra virgin olive oil. It has to be of unique olive variety, appropriate harvesting by hand and direct transfer to oil press.

Cold extraction method is used to get the oil olive, where temperature does not exceed 27 celcium degrees so that all olive oil nutrition ingedients are preserved and acidity is kept at minimum levels with no additive chemicals.

The olive varieties used are Lianolia (Corfu local variety) for its nutrition ingredients such as Ω3 and Ω6, and Koroneiki variety for its rich fruity taste.
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