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Glykon Esti
Ancient Greeks knew and loved honey, much earlier than olive oil and long before wine. In ancient Greece , bees and honey products were high in the esteem of the people and the gods of (the legend, the king of the gods Zeus fed with goat's milk and honey from the nymph Melissa) .
Nowadays, Greek Honey is world renowned for its excellent quality , unique aroma and rich flavor. These advantages are offered generously by the Greek flora and nature , which combines a large number of aromatic herbs and plants along with fruit and forest trees . Limited intensive agricultural crops and lack of genetically modified plants in Greece affirm the naturalness of Greek honey .
The standardization process after the harvest of honey , aims to maintain its characteristics. During our packing method , honey is subjected to mild heat treatment to maintain its nutritional value , enzymes and trace elements . So mixing different types of honey and the honey becomes stablec in terms of fragrance and taste. Process of filtering is avoided because it makes the product of low quality.
The Greek bee is solely responsible for the production of this unique product. We simply preserved the quality and accentuate it with the package.
Producer's Products
Corfiot Honey Glykon Esti 460gr
Corfiot Honey Glykon Esti 460gr
Corfiot Honey Glykon Esti 250gr
Corfiot Honey Glykon Esti 250gr
Corfiot Honey Glykon Esti 920gr
Corfiot Honey Glykon Esti 920gr
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