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The Land of Corfu
The Land of Corfu business activities involve natural cosmetics with olive oil and its registered office is in the island of Corfu. It is the only company in Corfu with its own brand of natural cosmetics with biological ingredients and engaged in wholesale and retail trade. Currently there are 2 lines of natural cosmetics with biological active ingredients & 7 olive oil soaps with natural herbs.
Human history researchers claim that the first use of olive oil was most likely for cosmetic purposes. Its amazing nutritional properties were discovered much later. Kumquat’s fragrance accumulates all the fragrances from the citrus fruits, including an additional spicy and playful odor that takes you to the gardens of nostalgia.
the olive – born alongside Greeks, it represents all our roots, it binds us with our soil, it identifies us and places us into the world.
the Kumquat – chin chu in Mandarin Chinese and kam kwat in Cantonese, meaning the golden orange. This strange-looking tree traveled from the far East up to our island. These two were brought together and they are been offered to you by The Land of Corfu.
Whatever the eyes will encounter, will touch the body and in the end you will be taken on a journey by memories. 

The Land of Corfu uses Organic Active Ingredients
EXTRA VIRGIN Olive oil OLEA EUROPAEA: antioxidant – anti-aging
The valuable substances protect against the development of free radicals that are responsible for aging. 
Rich in vitamins E and A, its antioxidant, cell-stimulating, anti-flaming, styptic and moisturizing activity shall result in immediate improvement in the appearance and the spectacular delay of aging skin. 
Aloe ALOE VERA: moisturizing – calms sore skin
The enzyme activity reduces the signs, the wrinkles and blemishes. 
Obtained from the fruit of the almond. 
Rich in vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B6 and minerals, is one of the oldest cosmetics ever used. 
Ideal body of essential oils in massage and the best body moisturizing after bathing, especially for dry and sensitive skins. 
Pro-vitamin B5: softener – moisturizing
Vitamin E: antioxidant – anti-aging
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