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12/22/2014 Christmas Spirit in Corfu
Christmas Spirit From Corfu to your table…..!!!!
Christmas in Corfu is magnificent. The city is decorated with thousands of little lights and the festive spirit is everywhere. Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations of Orthodoxy and the spectacular celebration in Corfu is closely connected with the Orthodox Tradition.
Here are some christmas customs and traditions of Corfu.

December 24th
Young children and the music bands of Corfu go from house to house to sing Christmas carols to the accompaniment of triangles and small drums to give rhythm to the song. These songs seem to have their roots in the Byzantine era. 
December 25th.
Merry Christmas!!!!
Christmas Day starts for all Corfu to the morning service at the church. After following meal for the whole family with Avgolemono Soup and chicken in the oven, nowadays some families prepare Stuffed Turkey too. After meal follows the coffee and lots of lots of all kind of sweets and deserts such as Melomakarona ,Kourambiedes etc .
Midnight  30th of December – 1st of January 
By the time the clock turns midnight the host of the house or the “head” of the family open the door of the house ,so the new year to come in and he breaks a pomegranate by the door  for good luck  .
After that is  the exchange of gifts. For kids that happens the 1st of January ,It is thought that that day Santa Claus distributes gifts to all children, entering into the houses during the night that those sleeping, having a large sack full of gifts.
Follows the New Year's Eve Cake (or Vasilopita). "St Basil's cake" is cut open by the head of the house. A coin is put into the cake and the person receiving the piece which contains the coin is supposed to have a lucky year.
And of course all these with lots of wine and Champaign!!!!!!
So…..Happy New Year!!!! 
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