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The ginger beer is made exclusively in Corfu since 1860 and continuing until today.

Not just drink, it has a beneficial effect in the body of man because it contains ginger, a key ingredient, native to Asia. Active ingredients of ginger is volatile oil 3.1%, the zingeverenio 20-30%, oleoresin 4-7.5%. gingerol and sogaoli.

These components have beneficial properties for the ginger beer. Ginger is an antiemetic and is used to treat nausea, improving blood circulation, even, has antipyretic and antiseptic features.

The ginger is invigorating drink containing water, sugar, lemon, fresh ginger.

There are no preservatives and it needs 5 days in the bottle for it to mature and become foamy.

Maintained in the refrigerator up to 3 months

Recommended to be drunk cold.

Let's see a little of the medicinal properties of this plant in Asia. Main ingredient is Zingiveris pharmaceutical (Zingiverides), also known as ginger, seng jan (Chinese).

The active constituents are:

1. volatile oil 1% -3%

2. zingeverenio 20% -30%

3. oleoresin 4% -7.5%

4. gingerol

5. sogaoli

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Chimarios Ginger Beer 24x200ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 24x200ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 12x500ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 12x500ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 6x500ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 6x500ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 6x200ml
Chimarios Ginger Beer 6x200ml
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