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The acordo company was created in Autumn of 2008 and is based in Corfu, in the area of Triklino of the village Kompitsi.

This enterprise belongs to Vasiliki Karounou (Information Systems Analyst) and to Sotiris Vlachos (Civil Engineer). Vasiliki has a long term involvement with health eating and is an admirer of the paradise of Corfiot Land and Sotiris has a long term relationship with the good food and wine making and since 2004 develops a new vineyard.

Our intention and objective is to create homemade products of high nutritional value, gourmet identity and built a close relationship with our clients.

Our aim is to produce and market homemade and natural products of Corfu. Products made from local high quality ingredients, following traditional recipes and practices, in combination with the current approaches of healthy eating.

The sweetness level is kept low, we use mainly honey and were honey may significantly change the taste of the fruit or vegetable, we use organic cane sugar. The taste and flavour of our products is enhanced with local aromatic wild herbs and pure spices.

The preparation is done in small quantities immediately after harvesting so they keep their nutritional value, flavour and colour. Every batch has unique identification; by the area of origin and the producer of the basic ingredient.

The major ingredients come from our own property or from local small producers that follow natural or organic cultivation processes. The ingredients we buy from wholesalers are organic.

Considering the fact that the environmental and the food quality concerns are increasing and that there is a general tendency of questioning and searching for local products of good quality, we have the ambition to be part of a new service to all of you that share similar views.

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